Who is in charge ?

Issuers of status ranked by percentage authority.

(COMMON SENSE as in collective understanding and wisdom of people participating in the system.)

(INDIVIDUAL as in each person participating in the system.)

6.71%Common sense
0.32%Royal mail
0.12%Jobcentre plus
0.10%United kingdom (uk) police
0.09%Knowle west media centre
0.07%Bristol folk house
0.07%Hm revenue and customs
0.07%Wh smith
0.06%Department for work and pensions
0.06%Bristol city council
0.06%Pret a manger
0.06%Chew valley trees
0.05%Sainsbury' s
0.05%Neal's yard remedies
0.05%Post office
0.04%Co-operative group
0.04%National health service
0.04%Uk certificates
0.03%Big issue
0.03%The united kingdom (uk) home office
0.03%Driver and vehicle licensing agency (dvla)
0.03%Transport for london
0.03%Gardening express
0.03%Home office
0.03%Mail boxes etc
0.03%British army
0.03%National blood service
0.03%Marks and spencer
0.03%Trident military
0.03%Sutton's seeds
0.02%Tyneside cyrenians
0.02%Tv licensing
0.02%Veals hunting and fishing
0.02%United kingdom (uk) parliament
0.02%Byker bridge
0.02%Royal air force
0.02%National assembly for wales
0.02%British navy
0.02%The european parliament
0.02%The garden centre group
0.02%National lottery
0.02%Salvation army
0.02%Middle combe nursery
0.02%British oxygen company (boc)
0.02%The independent
0.02%Samuel david
0.02%National rail
0.02%General register office
0.02%The morning star
0.02%Park hostel
0.02%The guardian
0.02%Daily telegraph
0.02%Bristol computer and cartridge
0.02%Miss selfridge
0.02%Daily mirror
0.02%Daily mail
0.02%The sun
0.02%Andy's gas
0.02%Wallis fashion
0.02%Pets at home
0.02%Daily express
0.02%The electoral commission
0.02%The daily star
0.02%Financial times
0.02%Dorothy perkins
0.01%Helix arts
0.01%Department for culture, media and sport
0.01%Outfit fashion
0.01%Driver and vehicle licensing agency
0.01%Virgin media
0.01%British organ donor society
0.01%3 mobile
0.01%British telecom
0.01%The ministry of justice
0.01%Ministry of defence
0.01%Money go round bristol inner city credit union
0.01%Student finance direct
0.01%Western union
0.01%Uk sport
0.01%Czech republic consulate
0.01%French embassy
0.01%National express
0.01%Colston hall
0.01%The co-operative group
0.01%St georges
0.01%Embasy of ireland
0.01%The no2id campaign
0.01%Institue of contemporary arts
0.01%Mina road laundry
0.01%Universities and colleges admissions service (ucas)
0.01%Virgin mobile
0.01%Artist's newsletter
0.01%First great western
0.01%Bristol library service
0.01%Department of health
0.01%Embassy of portugal
0.01%Stepping stones
0.01%Spanish embassy
0.01%Amazon book shop
0.01%British airports authority (baa)
0.01%Bristol methodist centre
0.01%Oxford night shelter
0.01%High commission of the republic of cyprus in the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
0.01%Embassy of malta
0.01%Luxembourg embassy
0.01%Consulate general of italy
0.01%Federation europeenne des associations nationales travaillant avec les sans-abri (feantsa)
0.01%The estonian embassy
0.01%Vectone mobile
0.01%The pension service
0.01%Embassy of greece
0.01%Embassy of the republic of slovenia
0.01%Netherlands embassy
0.01%Daily motion
0.01%Embassy of slovakia
0.01%Embassy of germany
0.01%Embassy of sweden
0.01%Embassy of belgium
0.01%Google video
0.01%Embassy of finland
0.01%Polish embassy
0.01%Amnesty international
0.01%Bulgarian embassy
0.01%Bristol university
0.01%Latvia embassy
0.01%Austrian embassy london
0.01%Lithuanian embassy
0.01%Hungarian embassy
0.01%Gender recognition panel
0.01%Green energy uk
0.01%Romanian embassy
0.01%Salvation army logos house
0.01%Farming ads
0.01%Barry and bobby hair design
0.01%The automobile association (aa)
0.01%Stamp designer
0.01%The julian trust
0.01%Embassy of iceland
0.01%Bristol ferry boat company
0.01%Moon fruit
0.01%British olympic association passport scheme
0.01%The depaul trust
0.01%Hide my ass
0.01%Hush mail
0.01%Flint knapping
0.01% freeola
0.01%High commission of india
0.01%War pensions agency
0.01%Norway embassy
0.01%Gum tree
0.01%University of the west of england (uwe)
0.01%First group
0.01%Uk border agency
0.01%Embassy of the dominican republic
0.01%Southen water
0.01%Edf energy
0.01%Belize high commission
0.01%Crisis centre ministries
0.01%Scottish power
0.01%South west water
0.01%Wessex water
0.01%N power
0.01%Bahamas embassy in london
0.01%Australian high commission
0.01%Canadian high commission
0.01%Saudi arabia embassy
0.01%High commission for pakistan
0.01%Trinidad and tobago high commission
0.01%Grenada high commission
0.01%St kitts & nevis high commission
0.01%Qatar embassy
0.01%Cameroon embassy
0.01%Honduras embassy
0.01%Guyana high commission
0.01%High commission for antigua & barbuda
0.01%Embassy of the republic of turkey
0.01%Cuba consulate
0.01%Israeli consular general
0.01%Consulate general of the arab republic of egypt
0.01%Us embassy
0.01%St lucia high commission
0.01%Bangladesh high commission
0.01%Singapore high commission
0.01%Jamaica high commission
0.01%Embassy of el salvador
0.01%South africa high commision
0.01%Vanuatu high commission
0.01%Bristol zoo gardens
0.01%Cambridge water
0.01%Nigeria high commission
0.01%Her majesty's courts service
0.01%Embassy of oman
0.01%British gas
0.01%Bournemouth & west hampshire water
0.01%Botswana high commission
0.01%Embassy of seychelles
0.01%Mozambique high commission
0.01%St vincent & the grenadines high commission
0.01%The british library
0.01%Uganda high commission
0.01%Kenya high commision
0.01%Maldives high commission
0.01%Embassy of the people's republic of china
0.01%The burma campaign uk
0.01%Brunei embassy
0.01%The national trust
0.01%The iranian consulate
0.01%Nicaraguan consulate
0.01%The cube microplex
0.01%Bristol water
0.01%Panama consule
0.01%Arts award
0.01%High commission of malaysia
0.01%Embassy of venezuela
0.01%Embassy of costa rica
0.01%Guatemalan embassy
0.01%Sri lanka high commission
0.01%Bahrain embassy
0.01%Mexico consulate
0.01%Consulate general of brazil
0.01%Lesotho embassy
0.01%Ghana high commission
0.01%Mejor vida corp
0.01%Honorary consulate of samoa
0.01%Fiji high commission
0.01%International student travel confederation.
0.01%Gambia high commission
0.01%Sisters of the church
0.01%United arab emirates embassy
0.01%Embassy of the republic of armenia
0.01%Driving standards agency
0.01%Swaziland high commission london
0.01%Embassy of the republic of burundi
0.01%Mauritius embassy
0.01%Sierra leone high commssion
0.01%New zealand high commission
0.01%Kiribati consulate
0.01%Angolan embassy
0.01%Japanese embassy
0.01%Papua new guinea high commission
0.01%Embassy of kuwait
0.01%War on want
0.01%Embassy of madagascar
0.01%Consulate general of chile
0.01%Woodland road christian centre
0.01%Albania embassy
0.01%Uruguay embassy
0.01%Organic research centre
0.01%Nuffield health fitness and wellbeing
0.01%High commission of the republic of namibia
0.01%Zambia high commission
0.01%Malawi embassy
0.01%Tonga high commission
0.01%Afghan embassy
0.01%Bolivian embassy
0.01%Lebanese embassy
0.01%Video box office
0.01%Argentina embassy
0.01%Musicians union
0.01%20th century flicks
0.01%Embassy of the republic of cape verde
0.01%Cube cinema
0.01%Yemen embassy
0.01%Eaga partnership
0.01%Algerian consulate
0.01%Syrian embassy london
0.01%North korea embassy
0.01%Benin embassy paris
0.01%Embassy of jordan
0.01%The royal embassy of cambodia
0.01%Ecuadorian consulate
0.01%Taiwan embassy
0.01%Embassy of iraq
0.01%Embassy of the republic of cote d ivoire
0.01%Azerbaijan embassy
0.01%Flint knappers
0.01%Colombian consulate
0.01%Danish consulate
0.01%Ise cards
0.01%Honorary consul of the republic of burkina faso
0.01%Mongolian embassy
0.01%Embassy of the republic of chad
0.01%Belarus embassy
0.01%Services to veterans
0.00%Embassy of the republic of bosnia & herzegovina
0.00%Andorran embassy
0.00%Peru embassy
0.00%City of seals
0.00%Embassy of micronesia
0.00%Did logic
0.00%National savings and investments
0.00%Panah refuge
0.00%Cash plus
0.00%Embassy of paraguay
0.00%Complete formations
0.00%National health service (nhs)
0.00%Universities and colleges admissions servic
0.00%Call credit
0.00%Bristol easton the salvation army corps
0.00%Follow us
0.00%Environment agency
0.00%Citizen card
0.00%Nationwide building society
0.00%World government of citizens
0.00%French ministry of defense
0.00%Card one banking
0.00%Embassy of russia
0.00%Northern ireland electoral commission
0.00%The royal mail
0.00%Priority pass
0.00%Tesco uk supermarket
0.00%Ryan air
0.00%Switzerland embassy
0.00%Association of train operating companies
0.00%City of bristol college
0.00%Balcombe care homes
0.00%Swiss embassy
0.00%Crisis skylight
0.00%British association for adoption and fostering
0.00%Healthy start
0.00%Air miles
0.00%Embassy of tajikistan
0.00%Bristol grey hound bus
0.00%Great western runners
0.00%Embassy of uzbekistan
0.00%Immigration department of timor-leste
0.00%Embassy for the republic of kazakhstan
0.00%Citizens advice bureau
0.00%The portman group
0.00%Kyrgyz embassy
0.00%French consulate
0.00%Association of british credit unions ltd
0.00%Philippine embassy
0.00%The body shop
0.00%Home detention curfew scheme
0.00%Bradford and bingley
0.00%Embassy of the union of myanmar
0.00%Mali embassy
0.00%British forces post office
0.00%The big issue
0.00%Douglas & partners
0.00%Libyan embassy
0.00%Gabon embassy
0.00%Vietnam embassy
0.00%Thailand embassy
0.00%Honorary consulate of the republic of guinea
0.00%Tunisia embassy
0.00%Cheltenham and gloucester building society
0.00%Embassy of the central african republic
0.00%Dating direct
0.00%Embassy of the republic of indonesia
0.00%Senegal embassy
0.00%Health visitors
0.00%Ministry of justice
0.00%The cube cinema
0.00%Bristol city council
0.00%Mauritanian embassy
0.00%Honorary consulate of the republic of congo
0.00%Royal institute of british architects
0.00%Bristish national party
0.00%Embassy of turkmenistan
0.00%Everyone active
0.00%Tanzania high commission
0.00%Rwanda embassy
0.00%Embassy of republic of sudan
0.00%Nepal embassy
0.00%World wide opportunities on organic farms
0.00%Moroccan embassy
0.00%Sainsbury' s bank
0.00%Broadway cinema
0.00%Holland and barrett
0.00%Laos embassy
0.00%Congo republic consulate
0.00%Avon fire and rescue
0.00%Job centre plus
0.00%Guinea bissau embassy paris
0.00%The share centre
0.00%Consulate general of monaco
0.00%The ramblers' association
0.00%Fostering solutions
0.00%Niger embassy
0.00%Equatorial guinea embassy
0.00%United kingdom deed poll service
0.00%The co-operative bank
0.00%Royal bank of scotland
0.00%Sainsbury' s recycle
0.00%Accor hotels
0.00%Educational testing service
0.00%Lloyds tsb
0.00%Embassy of liberia
0.00%Disability benefits unit
0.00%Eritrean embassy
0.00%The british american football association (bafa)
0.00%The prince's trust
0.00%Northern ireland housing executive
0.00%Dating agency
0.00%Gerald associates
0.00%The green party of england and wales
0.00%Legal services commission
0.00%Macedonia embassy
0.00%Disclosure scotland
0.00%Wh smithcriber of a wh smith privilege card email maili
0.00%Montenegrin ministry of foreign affairs
0.00%University of bath
0.00%Serbian embassy
0.00%Ukraine embassy
0.00%Tersco personal finance
0.00%English language centre bristol
0.00%Embassy of georgia
0.00%Bristol society of architects
0.00%Healthcare travel costs scheme
0.00%Zimbabwe embassy
0.00%Croatian embassy
0.00%Sure start
0.00%The scottish parliament
0.00%The conservative party
0.00%Liberal democrat party
0.00%House of lords
0.00%British canoe union
0.00%Stroud and swindon building society
0.00%The london bridge fertility, gynaecology and genetics centre
0.00%Bristol credit union
0.00%Bristol surf club
0.00%Harakat-ul-mujahideen/alami (hum/a) and jundallah
0.00%Block buster
0.00%Groupe islamique armee (gia)
0.00%Council for the curriculum examinations & assessment
0.00%Hamas izz al-din al-qassem brigades
0.00%Ansar al sunna (as)
0.00%Sinn fein bookshop.
0.00%Splinter group lashkar-e jhangvi (lej)
0.00%Hm revenue & customs
0.00%Al qaida
0.00%Al ittihad al islamia (aiai)
0.00%The british surfing association
0.00%Saved sect or saviour sect
0.00%Islamic movement of uzbekistan (imu)
0.00%Jeemah islamiyah (ji)
0.00%Islamic army of aden (iaa)
0.00%Tanznia high commission
0.00%Al gurabaa
0.00%Bristol law society
0.00%Revolutionary peoples' liberation party - front (devrimci halk kurtulus partisi - cephesi) (dhkp-c)
0.00%Alternative look
0.00%Bristol muzzle and breech loading gun club
0.00%Palestinian islamic jihad - shaqaqi (pij)
0.00%Women's aid
0.00%Print fection
0.00%Loyalist volunteer force
0.00%City car club
0.00%National front
0.00%James hull associates
0.00%The medical
0.00%Orange volunteers
0.00%Ulster volunteer force
0.00%Splinter group jamaat ul-furquan (juf)
0.00%Khuddam ul-islam (kul)
0.00%Nuclear tees
0.00%Lashkar e tayyaba (lt)
0.00%Broadmead dental practice
0.00%Sussex place surgery
0.00%Libyan islamic fighting group (lifg)
0.00%Cayman islands immigration department
0.00%Edexcel foundation
0.00%Ansar al islam (ai)
0.00%Malvern house college
0.00%Groupe islamique combattant marocain (gicm)
0.00%Salafist group for call and combat (groupe salafiste pour la predication et le combat) (gspc)
0.00%Independent living funds
0.00%Harakat-ul-jihad-ul-islami (huji)
0.00%Harakat mujahideen (hm)
0.00%Assessment and qualifications alliance
0.00%Uk police
0.00%Jaish e mohammed (jem)
0.00%Bristol naturalists' society
0.00%The labour party
0.00%Tehrik nefaz-e shari'at muhammadi (tnsm)
0.00%British institute of innkeeping awarding body (biiab)
0.00%St werburghs centre
0.00%Pride angel
0.00%Child benefit office
0.00%Al-gama'at al-islamiya (gi)
0.00%Mujaheddin e khalq
0.00%Zetland road dental practice
0.00%Lyca mobile
0.00%Abu sayyaf group (asg)
0.00%Talented athlete scholarship scheme
0.00%The disability and carers service
0.00%St peter's hospice
0.00%Harakat-ul-jihad-ul-islami (bangladesh) (huji-b)
0.00%Islamic jihad union (iju)
0.00%The bristol canoe club
0.00%Jammat-ul mujahideen bangladesh (jmb)
0.00%Sipah-e sahaba pakistan (ssp) (aka millat-e islami pakistan (mip)
0.00%Hizballah external security organisation
0.00%City co seals
0.00%Oxford, cambridge and rsa examination
0.00%Royal automobile club (rac)
0.00%Abu nidal organisation (ano)
0.00%Your choice homes
0.00%Egyptian islamic jihad (eij)
0.00%Welsh back squash and health club
0.00%Hezb-e islami gulbuddin (hig)
0.00%British olympic association
0.00%Asbat al-ansar
0.00%New statesman
0.00%Bristol county sports private members club
0.00%Irish national liberation army
0.00%National secular society
0.00%Na fianna eireann
0.00%Land registry
0.00%Teyre azadiye kurdistan
0.00%Bristol medico-chirurgical society
0.00%Number 7
0.00%Kongra gele
0.00%International sikh youth federation (isyf)
0.00%Continuity army council
0.00%Net telco
0.00%Uk number
0.00%Blue arrow
0.00%Team usa
0.00%Real age
0.00%International english language testing system
0.00%Red hand commando
0.00%Basque homeland and liberty (euskadi ta askatasuna) (eta)
0.00%Captial one
0.00%Saor eire
0.00%The friends of city of bristol art gallery
0.00%Credit industry fraud avoidance system (cifas)
0.00%Only the breast
0.00%People's kitchen
0.00%Priority club
0.00%Irish people's liberation organisation
0.00%Government of balochistan
0.00%Studen finance direct
0.00%Tamil eelam
0.00%Cumann na mban
0.00%United kingdom athletics
0.00%Irish republican army (ira)
0.00%Federation europeenne des associations nationales travaillant avec les sans-abri (feantsa)
0.00%Red hand defenders
0.00%Morgan stanley
0.00%Babbar khalsa (bk)
0.00%Communication and information resource centre administrator (circa)
0.00%Knowle west media centre
0.00%Msn hot mail
0.00%Sta travel
0.00%Celtic fuel oils
0.00%The soil association
0.00%Knightstone housing
0.00%Electoral commission
0.00%The tobacco factory
0.00%The youth hostel association
0.00%The court service
0.00%The royal west of england academy
0.00%United housing
0.00%The bristol old vic
0.00%International olympic committee
0.00%The artist's information company
0.00%Essential trading
0.00%Txt local
0.00%Marie stopes

Status Project.