Proto-type off-the-shelf (OTS) British anonymous corporation.

anonymous corporation 21-02-2014 anonymous corporation 21-02-2014

Anonymous corporations consist of non-natural person members:
eg: human being(s), artificial person(s).

By definition, a natural person can never be a member.

Hierarchy is only possible through horizontal separation and vertical integration.

Unlawful hierachicies, such as the united states empire or other organised crime
networks, attempt this covertly through the co-option of lawful organisations
(government departments) and the creation of unlawful organisations (mafia).

Horizontal linking and vertical compartmentalisation is effective resistance
against unlawful intrusion of vertical hierachies.

The natural person free artificial person normal is an important layer of vertical
compartmentalisation and is especially effective when combined with other
layers such as the anonymous natural person and anonymous human being.

Status Project.