Maps of Consequential Paradox.

"The System" is built upon paradox: self sustaining loops 
of consequence.

Paradox is not a bug in "The System", it is the fundamental 
characteristic of sustainability.

Maps of Consequential Paradox illustrate these interlocking 
loops of consequence for a specific subject, such that:

- Every node of the graph flows to itself.

- Every node of the graph flows to the subject of the graph.

- Every node of the graph can flow to every other node of the graph.

- The subject node of the graph flows to itself in one or more ways.

- The subject node of graph can flow to every node of graph.

- Every consequential flow is reversible.

Can be helpful in identifying: 

- Pseudo reverse consequence paths.

- True reverse consequence paths.

- Sustainability of consequence.

- Impact of consequence.

What's that mean in the real world ?

- Maps of Consequential Paradox can suggest how to reverse power relationships.

- Design/ implant and identify/ remove sub-conscious repetitive thought and behaviour.

Catalog of maps.

Heath Bunting.