Some of the parts.

some of the parts 17-09-2019

A new legal identity has been created to receive body-part pledges from 
still living donors.

As the donors die-off, the artist intends to take possession of the 
pledged body-parts for both storage and exhibition.

This identity could be considered as a special purpose vehicle to 
circumvent EU rules on human organ transactions, as natural person 
identities can be exchanged along with their properties, without the 
properties legally changing hands.

The artist currently has the new identity documentation for examination 
and some pledge contracts.

As opportunities arise, the artist will solicit further pledges and wait 
for delivery of body parts.

The aim is to eventually have a full sum of human body-parts to make a 
fully functioning body at least legally and then to offer this property 
portfolio to market.

some of the parts ovary 17-09-2019

Status Project.