A1010 homeless colour map of influence.

A1010 homeless colour map of influence.
A1010 homeless colour map of influence

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KEYWORDS, vote, election, by, equifax, parliamentary, local, government, mapping, sourced, from, sp, status, project, map, influence, copyright, heath, bunting, statusirationalorg, last, updated, remand, prisoner, customer, n, power, owner, records, bureau, (crb), conviction, certificate, friend(s), polling, scottish, whether, not, intoxicated, drugs, foster, carer, entry, landlord, broadband, contract, home, hospital, for, mental, health, o, offensive, weapon, self, thief, cambridge, water, company, parent, finance, direct, loan, declaration, connection, warm, front, grant, seeking, residential, accommodation, spouse, type, occupancy, preferred, postcode, nf, tenant, private, length, time, homelessness, council, tax, facilities, seller, big, issue, house, safe, deposit, mail, boxes, etc, drop, related, advice, support, occupier, crisis, skylight, savings, investments, (ns&i), premium, bond, eviction, notice, cheltenham, gloucester, building, society, guaranteed, branch, saver, housing, liable, squatted, ikea, store, association, quit, previously, aggressive, violent, call, report, homemaker, cedar, salvation, army, women's, hostel, southern, services, bicycle, recognised, no, fixed, abode, (nfa), gas, plus, barclays, mortgage, buyer, less, than, available, jury, service, summary, working, verbally, minority, persons, nationwide, flex, south, your, choice, homes, marks, spencer, everyday, register, identity, (bccu), secure, novas, stonebridge, park, experiencing, difficulties, meeting, rent, payments, history, about, be, within, next, days, unreasonable, byker, bridge, wired, stepping, stones, priority, need, new, youth, ron, eager, night, shelter, entitled, occupy, authority, neighbours, rough, sleeper, wash, legally, public, library, food, oxford, pathways, sleeping, location, oxygen, immediate, needs, logos, museum, art, gallery, candle, community, tent, open, door, day, federation, europeenne, des, associations, nationales, travaillant, avec, les, sansabri, (feantsa), moveable, structure, houseless, st, vincent, de, paul, easton, corps, counselling, roofless, female, methodist, toilet, long, term, mina, road, laundry, truck, birth, tyneside, cyrenians, violence, exchange, dirty, clean, hypodermic, needles, pret, one, saint, nicholas, tolentino, church, boat, ministries, wild, goose, caravan, southwest, institution, inadequate, very, temporary, excluded, folk, julian, trust, statutory, permit, remain, pet, animal, people's, kitchen, live, family, physically, risk, due, unfit, pauls, panah, refuge, subject, overcrowding, watershed, judes, arnolfini, feeling, lonely, isolated, illness, severe, hidden, express, implied, acommodation, insecure, education, newcastle, men's, interest, care, granted, right, rule, law, enactment, cook, tenancy, relationship, breakdown, arsonist, under, permanent, male, daytime, fact, shop, way, key, significant, careers, (np), learn, can, more, person(s), created, two, is, when, first, other, beings, are, commonly, mistaken, each, positive, destroyed, interclass, many, places, once, only, several, decades, negative, concerned, property, outlive, their, possessors, (hb), flesh, homosapien, body, through, sexual, reproduction, point, which, comes, into, existence, debated, sometimes, aid, another, passes, place, survival, cave, bundle, rights, duties, that, attached, market, (ap), both, eg, corporation, possess, consist, solely, sole, forever, condom, prostitute, owners, they, have, perpetual, succession, domestic, ,

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