The Status Sweepstake.

Saturday 22 January 2005

@ Decoy, 22 Green St, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0NE

Modelled upon The United States' Visa lottery:

The Duo Collective:

present The Status Sweepstake:

taking place during the DIY CULTURE festival:


  12:00 Presentation of the Status Project -
  13:00 Last chance to obtain statuses in and around town.
  18:00 Picking of winner and awarding of new identity.


During the proceeding week, create one or more true
statuses for the following identity:

  Unisex Name: Terry Smith
  Date of birth: 1 April 1976
  Postal address: 581 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B29 7EL, United Kingdom.

The status project manual may be of use.

Collaboration and trading before and during the event is

Then on Saturday, bring your statuses to DIY CULTURE festival
to be entered in The Status Sweepstake.

A winner will be randomly chosen from the participants and will
receive all statuses entered and will thus be furnished with
a functioning alternate identity.

Fictional statuses may be used to obtained legitimate statuses,
but may not be entered in the draw. For example, you can create
a fake student card to obtain an ISIC card, but we will only
accept the ISIC card.

Best of luck.